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At Prime Passenger Seating we have over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture and safety testing of seats for passenger vehicles. From our facility in North Wales, we make and supply bus and coach seating to companies in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

Because we design and manufacture and supply seating for all types commercial vehicles.

Prime Passenger Seating was established in 2008. We now operate one of the more diverse passenger vehicle seating companies in the UK.

Close consultation with our customers has driven us to take an innovative approach to every stage of full filling an order. Designing and manufacturing in-house allows us to supply exactly what our customers want down to the smallest detail.

Regulations governing the safety of passenger vehicle seating  are continuously evolving, and full compliance in each of these is essential. Our rigorous testing process and in-depth understanding of vehicle-specific regulations are just some of the reasons why we are a trusted supplier. Companies know that we will deliver seating that is sturdy, stylish, comfortable and compliant.

Whether we have delivered bus and coach seating to a transport operator, we provide guarantees and warranties on all our seating. It’s not just a question of meeting your needs and delivering on our promises, we also take care of customers after their orders are completed.

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Our seats are designed to withstand high volume usage. As well as design, development, manufacture and testing, our North Wales facility also carries out retrims and repairs.

We consider that engineering is what takes our seating from good to excellent. We go beyond industry standards, constantly working to improve the design and construction of our seats in a very competitive market. That’s why we are a trusted name for the mini and midi bus seating, supply the high density and luxury coach industries with OEM customers in the UK and Europe.

Prime Passenger seating has partnered with BRUSA, this leading manufacturer has the best range of luxury reclining coach seating and bus seating available in the market. Our international partnership with BRUSA allows us to bring competitively priced luxury seating to the UK and Irish markets.

The latest addition to our range is the MAGNE moulded seats which are ideally suited for open top sightseeing buses.

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