2 black patterned brusa seats with white trim

Product Specifications …


  • Attractive design
  • Choice of backrest height
  • Foam cushions
  • Choice of armrests
  • Cantilever versions
2 black patterned brusa seats with blue headrests
silver and grey brusa 2 seats

Thanks to our successful association with Brusa, a fully integrated and leading Turkish designer and manufacturer of quality seating for passenger vehicles, we at Prime Passenger Seating Ltd. are pleased to incorporate their excellent products into our own high-quality, passenger vehicle seating range.

As their UK representative, we can supply their seats to our customer base throughout Britain and Ireland. The CREATE is just one Brusa bus seating design that is proving to be very popular, and we are delighted to present it here.

High-Quality Design

Brusa’s CREATE seats make an excellent first impression based on their stylish design and and inviting feel. Comfort isn’t the only factor, however. A lot of work goes into ensuring the seats and seat belts also provide a reassuring measure of passenger safety and security.

Generous Seat Width and Depth

The seat width of 450mm (or more) add significantly to the comfort of the CREATE seat, passengers feel less restricted in their movements while seated. Two adjacent CREATE bus seats have a combined width of 900+mm. That’s wide enough to ensure passengers are suitably separated so as to give each a sense of personal space, but are also close enough to chat with each other if they wish.

Adjustable Backrests

Brusa reclining seat backrests are fully adjustable. This is an important feature as long periods of sitting in poorly-designed or adjusted backrests can cause discomfort. Enabling passengers to adjust their individual backrest to its optimal angle makes for a more comfortable journey and helps avoid the fatigue associated with sitting for long periods.

Foam-Cushioned Seating

The CREATE’s foam-cushioned seating is superbly designed to provide comfort for all journeys, whether short or long. The ergonomic design using a variety of foam thickness and density coupled with seats contours ensures support, comfort so that you enjoy a comfortable journey.

Seating Styles

Brusa’s Create range of reclining seats offers the builder and operator a full range of ergonomically designed reclining seats. Starting here with the entry level Create 100 going right through to the Create 140.

The Create seating range offers multiple options starting with the Create 100 which is the entry level comfortable and stylish reclining seat, the range goes through to Create 140 which offers a much higher level of comfort and luxury for example offering options such as height adjustable headrests.

A full range of trim options are available to include a range of fabrics and designs to suit all tastes.

For more information on any of our Brusa range of bus seats such as the CREATE or on any of our own excellent seating options, contact us. At Prime Passenger Seating Ltd. we will always be pleased to offer expert advice and provide your company with all relevant details to assist you in making the best choices for your vehicles’ passenger seating needs.

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