The BUCKINGHAM is the most popular seat from Prime Passengers Seating Ltd’s range of coach and bus seating. The BUCKINGHAM has been designed and evolved over time to meet the requirements of builders, converters and operators of high density coaches.

The seat comes three different versions M1, M2, and M3. Each version is available in 3 widths 400, 425 & 450mm and can be supplied with a variety of leg heights to suit most installation requirements.

We continue to develop and evolve our seats and to keep abreast of the of changes to the regulations we are required to meet. We currently supply seats complying with current requirements and have been homologated on a number of coaches.

The BUCKINGHAM is offered with a wide range of trim options, to include moquette, vinyl, microfibre  and real leather  from all of the industries major fabric suppliers. We offer a full range of trim styles and variations, including headrest inserts, piping, and sports trim, to suit any operators requirements and desires.

The Buckingham comes in various widths including 400, 425, 450 mm .

The seats come upholstered in a choice of fabric trim to fit the specification of the client. It has a fire specification ECE R118, making it among the safest seats you can ever have in your vehicle.

The Buckingham can be customized. We can fit the seat with a stanchion clamp, a folding armrest, an emergency door armrest, a rear table, and a magazine net. All these are to ensure that clients get the comfort they are looking for while driving their cars. The Buckingham by our company have proved popular for those who value quality and safety.

buckingham seat diagram
blue patterned buckingham seat with grey trim
buckingham seat yellow handle
buckingham seat headrest

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