The Brusa Extend VIP is a beautifully designed top of the range recliner. The Extend VIP aims to provide complete comfort to the customer with its ergonomic design and generous dimensions.

The Brusa Extend VIP offers a full VIP experience that surpasses similar seats. Full leather trim and full range of options really sets this seat apart from the rest.

Luxury optional extras such as a headrest which is adjustable vertically as are the headrest wings, adjustable footrests and or full leg supports can be specified. Armrests can be specified for the aisle, body-side and between each individual seat and we can even include cup holders.

The seat back can be fitted with grab-handles, magazine nets, tables incorporating a slot for tablets. There is ample also to fit an LCD screen.

The Extend VIP range boasts a luxury standard of upholstery.

This excellent recliner also meets all the standard fire and safety regulations, a seat back handle and 3 point safety belts ensure you will travel comfortably and safely.

The Extend VIP range as a whole offers the builders and operators a full range of fantastic reclining seats, the VIP being the best in it’s class. Weighing 36kg and with a variety of height and width options, this seat will be a fantastic fit in many different sized vehicles and provide your customers with a true VIP travel experience.

brusa seat arm rest closeup
brusa seat arm rest close up

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